According to, Benjamin Hardy became a number 1 writer in 2016.
Over the past two years, he has increased his subscriber base from 0 to 200,000 people. And the number keeps growing. He credits most of his success to the one idea he learned from Tim Ferris. That is to conduct short-term experiments instead of setting long-term goals.

Tim Ferris’ incredibly popular bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek” explains that he pursues not happiness, but excitement. Instead of setting long-term goals, he performs short-term “experiments” that last for several weeks. He puts all his energy in them, not knowing what results they can bring.
Hardy adopted this simple concept and used it to change his approach to work. While on the Internet, he came across an article about personal development that was shared by more than a million people. He decided to conduct an experiment, trying to create an article that would also get a million reposts.

He spend several days analyzing successful texts. Then he pondered how he could do better and created a list of 10 thousand words. The process of writing the article took a week and caused considerable excitement. The material attracted more than 50 thousand subscribers.

He believes that experiments are an ideal way to achieve your goals, because they allow you to grow bold and committed. Experiments are short-lived, which means the risks are minimal. What bad things can happen if you spend only a few weeks, while getting new experience, skills and knowledge?
Hardy argues that experiments should be performed in the form of MVP (minimum viable product). This means you deliberately do not spend much time on such experiments. This is their essence. Moreover, they open the door to show what works and what does not. Since it will be immediately clear that if the project took hundreds of hours and was not a success, then it was just a waste of time.
All experiments should show you the direction. If you need exciting opportunities, then you need to conduct bold experiments.
How can you use this?
Suppose you have an idea for a book. Write a blog post today that will display the main idea. You will see what kind of reaction the majority will have.
And if you want to increase your site traffic, then just try to post something every day for a month.
These are simple experiments that do not require serious commitments, but can lead to great results.